Shark Shepherd Photoshoot

April 3, 2016
Boby Norman

Fiji is known to ecotourists around the world for its world-class shark dives. Sharks are almost always depicted as menacing and terrifying, yet it is humans that are responsible for killing them in the millions just to make soup. Von Wong wanted to create a series of images that would help break those stereotypes and show that it is possible for us to co-exist together in perfect harmony.


In addition to the standard complications of shooting underwater – Limited oxygen, complex communication, specialized equipment and experienced divers – we only had a tiny two-hour window every day, between 11 AM and 1 PM, where the sharks would be active and light rays visible.

For each and every shot we would weigh down Amber Bourke, our champion freediver, onto the perfectly lit rock formation where light was falling. The ethereal white dress, designed specifically for this shoot by Ali Charisma, would have to be carefully placed so that it would flow beautifully into the image. When all was finally in position, we would hand over the three-piece plastic shepherds crook to amber and begin the wait. Over the course of three days, we waited over six hours.


Full Story: Benjamin Von Wong’s Blog

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