Thai Wrecks – Dive Site Maps

July 7, 2016
Boby Norman

Check out Thai Scuba‘s amazing 3D dive site maps of popular wrecks in Thailand. They even have them in A4 printable format available for download here. Check out an example of it below:



Interested in finding out how the 3D models were created, check out the detailed article here.

Even equipped with a digital camera, taking photographs of the wreck and stitching them together simply was not an option. Overall, the wreck is too long and an even camera angle can not be ensured. Visibility changes every day, so a consistency of photographic results is never guaranteed.

The only solution was to measure out the dimensions of the wreck with a measure tape bit by bit and record the findings onto a dive slate together with old-fashioned hand drawings of the surveyed areas. Needless to say – this took weeks and months…

Piece by piece the individual measurements contributed to the creation of 2D drafts of each deck of the wreck in a 1:100 scale in a vector software.


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