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Overview – Diving in Indonesia

Aug 08 2016

With more than 20% of the world’s coral reefs, Indonesia boasts the most marine diversity of anywhere on Earth. 3,000 fish species,…

How Diving Helmets are made?

Aug 08 2016

Diving helmets are worn mainly by professional divers engaged in surface supplied diving, though many models can be adapted for use with…

GoPro Time Lapse Guide

Aug 07 2016

Time-lapse photography is a technique in which images taken at an interval (once every 2 seconds for example) are played back at…

GoPro Low Light Guide

Jul 08 2016

Shooting in low light requires some different techniques than shooting during the day. In this episode, Martin looks at shooting in low…

Thai Wrecks – Dive Site Maps

Jul 07 2016

Check out Thai Scuba‘s amazing 3D dive site maps of popular wrecks in Thailand. They even have them in A4 printable format…

GoPro ProTune Guide

Jul 05 2016

Protune enables you to get much higher quality throughout your post-production workflow. Basically, the main purpose of the ProTune software is to…

How Dry Suits are made?

Jun 05 2016

Unlike a Wet Suit, a Dry Suit actually keeps you dry! This is achieved through seals which prevents water from entering. This…

How Jet Fins are made?

Jun 04 2016

Jet Fins are some of the most iconic diving fins in used today. It’s hard being on a dive boat without ever…

GoPro Quick Starter Guide

Jun 03 2016

Project GoPro has compiled an awesome quick starter guide to get you up to speed with your new GoPro. I have previously saved similar information from various online websites on my mobile devices for quick access when I’m out in the field.

Short Film: Underground 2015

May 03 2016

Another awesome video from JP Bresser – Underground 2015 is the latest edition of a global journey, visiting a diversity of breathtaking…