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Advanced Finning Techniques

Oct 14 2016

This video introduces advanced finning techniques such as the modified frog kick, modified flutter kick, backwards or reverse kick and helicopter turns.

Basic Finning Techniques

Nov 03 2015

This video introduces the concept of trim and goes into specifics for executing 2 of the most common finning techniques – the frog kick and the flutter kick.

Wrecks in the Red Sea

Oct 30 2015

The Red Sea is known for its fierce storms and chains of reefs and submerged islands. These can be a navigational nightmare…

Mars The Magnificent

Aug 23 2015

In the summer of 2011, after many years of searching, divers from Ocean Discovery in Västervik found the wreck of Erik XIV’s…

Introduction to the Doing It Right Philosophy

Aug 22 2015

George Irvine, Bill Mee and Dan Volker discuss “Doing it Right” or DIR style diving, and the implications for Recreational divers. While…