Tip: Attaching Bolt Snaps

September 21, 2016
Boby Norman

Bolt snaps are used in a variety of ways with technical diving equipment configurations. With a few exceptions, the proper way to attach the snap to an object is to tie it on with braided nylon line (cave line). This is because nylon line is tough enough to withstand a great deal of abuse, yet can be easily cut in an emergency if the clip is jammed or entangled. While it may be easier to attach a snap with a cable tie, a simple twist is all that’s necessary to break a cable tie. When you can’t afford to lose an item, you should tie its snap on with nylon line.

You will need the following:
1. 12”/30cm of cave line (the stuff from your spool).
2. Boltsnap (or p-clip).
3. Hose, light or goodman handle.
4. Scissors or a sharp blade.
5. Lighter.

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