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GoPro Time Lapse Guide

Aug 07 2016

Time-lapse photography is a technique in which images taken at an interval (once every 2 seconds for example) are played back at…

GoPro Low Light Guide

Jul 08 2016

Shooting in low light requires some different techniques than shooting during the day. In this episode, Martin looks at shooting in low…

GoPro ProTune Guide

Jul 05 2016

Protune enables you to get much higher quality throughout your post-production workflow. Basically, the main purpose of the ProTune software is to…

GoPro Quick Starter Guide

Jun 03 2016

Project GoPro has compiled an awesome quick starter guide to get you up to speed with your new GoPro. I have previously saved similar information from various online websites on my mobile devices for quick access when I’m out in the field.

GoPro Settings Guide

Mar 02 2016

In the second episode of the GoPro Field Guide, we meet up mountainside with Media Team members Abe Kislevitz and Caleb Farro…

GoPro Slow Motion Guide

Oct 09 2015

This tutorial teaches you how to use FLUX in GoPro’s free editing software to achieve ultra slow motion. This editing technique applies…